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Tone Fitness Kettlebell

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The Tone Fitness 10 lb Cement Filled Kettlebell helps in developing strength, flexibility, and balance while encouraging weight loss. Tone and sculpt both the lower and upper body by incorporating this kettlebell into your daily fitness routine. Unlike traditional kettlebells that are filled with cast iron, this kettlebell is filled with cement. Since many muscle groups, especially the core, are engaged simultaneously when using this cement filled kettlebell, it tones and sculpts the whole body.

  • Exercising with a kettle bell engages the entire body, particularly the core, to help you achieve a sculpted and toned physique
  • Cement filled kettlebell that offers an economical choice over the traditional cast iron kettlebell
  • Perfect for swings, deadlifts, squats, get-ups, snatches and other athletic or cross training workouts
  • This kettlebell group from Tone Fitness is available in sizes from 5, 10, and 15 pounds
  • Each size features a bright handle for easy identification
  • Get a full body workout with explosive movements using the kettlebell

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