Smart TSA Travel Lock

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GeeTouchs patented Smart Travel Padlock is a Worlds-1st innovation in its category; embedded with state-of-art DUAL proximity access (NFC and Bluetooth) and Vicinity-Tracking technologies, it provides users with ultimate Peace of Mind & a Hassle Free travel experience. No Key, No Digit-Wheels Dial & No Code Memorizing are required to secure luggage and/or travel bags with eGeeTouch. There are many convenient choices available for users to unlock their eGeeTouch Smart Travel Padlock, catering to the range of luggage/ travel needs: using Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, Smartwatches, NFC fobs, cards, sticker fobs and more. This TSA-accepted smart travel padlock, integrated with proprietary authentication protocols, is capable of generating over 100-million user-defined encrypted IDs. Audit Trails is also available for recording WHO, WHEN and WHERE the lock was accessed, and the patented Vicinity Tracking alerts users when their luggage has exceeded a set distance from them; users may travel at ease knowing their luggage is under high security protection.