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Winning Bid: $2.51

Poopsie Slime Surprise

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Winning Bid: $2.51


Make your own magical unicorn slime with Poopsie Slime Surprise!, now with two DIY slimes in an all new texture. Each magical package includes 10 magical surprises all in a silly fast food package unboxing experience that includes a burger box and a fry box with surprises inside. Make DIY putty slime by mixing 2 slime packets together (includes 2 white packets to mix together and two black packets to mix together) to create 2 different slimes. Add two packets of the same color to parody bottle, then stir for 1 minute with spoon. DO NOT SHAKE! Then customize your slime by adding scented beads and Unicorn Shimmer. Store your slime in the collectible poop character keycain. Each Poopsie Slime Surprise! comes with an adorable keychain poop character, hilarious bottle for mixing slime, Unicorn Food for mixing 2 DIY slimes, Unicorn Shimmer, Scented Beads, Unicorn Spoon, measuring cup and collector’s guide. There are 20 to collect.

  • Unwrap 10 magical surprises including 2 DIY slimes with Poopsie Slime Surprise!
  • Make DIY putty slime (2 included) by stirring together 2 slime packets for 1 minute. DO NOT SHAKE! There are 2 white packets to be mixed together and 2 black packets to be mixed together to create 2 different slimes.
  • Mix in scented beads to add scent to your slime. Store slime in poop character keychain.
  • Unbox parody fast food themed package with burger box and fry box containing surprises.
  • Includes measuring cup, unicorn spoon, and collector’s sheet.
  • 20 to collect! Collect them all!

Item condition: Appears New