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Laser X Fusion

Laser X Fusion is a Real-Life Laser Gaming Experience.

This Set Equips 1 or 2 Players

Includes: 2 Laser X Fusion Blasters, 1 Front Vest, 1 Micro Receiver, 1 Long-Range Adapter, 1 Wide-Range Adapter, Spotting Scope and Accessory Cord

Laser X Fusion Blasters

  • Up to 250 Range
  • Blast Power Indicator so you know how many blasts you have left
  • Team or Individual Play
  • Color Lighting Effects

Long Range Adapter

  • Long-Range Adapter Extends Range to over 500


  • Lets You See Opponents From Far Away

Wide-Range Adapter

  • Extends Blasting Area to 20 wide at 30 Range

Front Vest

  • Team Selector
  • Game Life Indicator
  • Plug in Headphones* and hear the Laser X Soundtrack * Headphones Not Included

Micro Receiver

  • Can be used as an Armband Receiver or Back Vest
  • Activates Blast Blocker when used with Front Vest
  • Team Selector
  • Game Life Indicator

All Laser X Gear can Blast and be hit by other Laser X Gear but Laser X Fusion Accessories only attach to Laser X Fusion Blasters