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Bizzy Bubs Play Set

Compare at $23.60 in stores

Winning Bid: $2.51


The cutest babies around are back and the family has grown! Bizzy Bubs are on the go! These little bundles of joy are way too busy for bedtime! Full of life and personality, they can?t wait to play and show you what they can do! Potty time is lots of fun with Clever Chloe! She can go to the Potty like a big girl! Feed her with her bottle – then she will tell you that she’s ready to go on the Potty! Place her on her toilet and see what she does. Will she tinkle or poop? Chloe is so clever! She will tell you the answer, you can check the toilet to see if she was right! Flush the toilet and play over again!

  • I Go Potty Like A Real Baby!
  • Feed Her With Her Bottle – Then She Will Tell You That She’S Ready To Go On The Potty!
  • Place Her On Her Toilet And See What She Does. Will She Tinkle Or Poop?
  • Tickle Her And Hear Her Laugh!
  • Feed Her And Put Her To Sleep!
  • Flush Her Potty To Start Again!

Item condition: Appears New